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The Mary Chamberlain Award is presented each year to the Torpedo showing the most dedication, team spirit, and positive attitude in the 15-18 age group, male and female. It was named in honor of Mary Chamberlain, mother of Candy Chamberlain, a swimmer on the Indian Head Swim Team. Mary was a very active parent and strong supporter of the team. It was 1970, the night before the Cheverly Relays, an important meet for the Princemont swimmers, when Mary passed away. Candy was a key swimmer on the relay team and without her, the team could not have competed. To not let her team down, she unselfishly put aside her own grief and pain and made the decision to swim the next day. She swam her part of the relay, and gave it all she had. Her coaches and teammates had no clue Mary Chamberlain had died the night before until after the meet was over. Candy was truly a swimmer that went above and beyond anyone's dream of what's expected.


Thus, the award was established in honor of Mary Chamberlain because of Candy's team spirit, dedication and positive attitude to the team. This award recognizes a swimmer so dedicated to the team that they overlook their own obstacles and challenges to be there for the team and who is a tremendously loyal member.



Past award winners (as far back as we have record of):

1993 Heather Dunivent

1994 Maggie Hogan

1995 Jay Gatchell

1996 Kelly Gilroy

1997 Linda Stefko

1998 Tara Goodrich

1999 Erin Gilroy

2000 Talia Weiss

2001 Heather Hamor

2002 Alisha Coates

2003 Carlin Rabie

2004 Erica Hamor

2005 Ross Conover

2006 Joseph Dudley

2007 Mitchell Mismash

2008 Gus Paras

2009 - Lindsey Delozier

2010 - Maladeh Rabie

2011 - Shane Bohn