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Indian Head Swim Team

Code of Conduct


As members and parents of members of the Indian Head (IH) Swim Team, we all have the responsibility of actions which will exemplify the ideals of our swim team organization and its host The Potomac Heights Homeowners Association.

PRACTICE BEHAVIOR: All swimmers are expected to follow the oral direction of any coach at any time, and at no time will disrespectful attitudes be tolerated from any swimmer. It is important that the coaching staff's relationship with the swimmers be that of direct control. When a coach is working with as many swimmers as they often do, it is important that the coaches have the swimmers undivided attention at all times. When a coach signals for quietness, that is to be done immediately. If a swimmer fails to demonstrate this ability of self-control, that swimmer will be removed from the workout situation*.

If this problem should continue with a swimmer and it is necessary for the coach to remove a swimmer from the workout situation a second time, the swimmer will be sent home and one of the officers of the swim team will contact the parents of the swimmer to explain the situation*.

If the problem persists and it is necessary for the coach to remove the swimmer from the workout situation * for a third time, the swimmer will be sent home and The President of the swim team will meet with the parents of the swimmer and inform them of the situation and the fact that the swimmer is no longer a member of the Indian Head Swim Team.

The use of profanity, verbal abuse, or physical abuse towards another swimmer or a member of the coaching staff will never be permitted during a workout or swim meet.

SWIM MEET BEHAVIOR: All meets begin with the playing and/or singing of The National Anthem. At this time, all swimmers are to be in the Indian Head Team Area. When The National Anthem is played all swimmers should be standing quietly facing the flag or the swimming pool until the end of The Anthem.

It is Mandatory for all Indian Head Swim Team members both Males and Females to wear Indian Head Swim Team silicone at all swim meets both home and away.

Swimmers are to stay in the team area and wait to be sent to the Clerk of Course. During this time, the swimmers are to be encouraging and cheering their teammates. These events are being swum by individuals (except the relays), but each swimmer's results contributes to the total team score, so we need to encourage each other.


*If the situation occurs the second and/or third time at a swim meet, the swimmer will not be sent home, but the parents will be notified by an officer of the Swim Club.